If you are having trouble getting a blog hop pattern, please read through.

Please note that during the blog hop, I’m getting a lot of emails and might not be able to respond as quick as needed. Please go through the FAQ’s and make sure your question is not answered here. If you are still having issues, please email me at agat@madebygootie.com and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

1. Where can I find the free pattern?
Most of the patterns are hosted on Ravelry (a few on the desinger’s website). 
1) Go to today’s pattern on the blog hop post.
2) Click the “GET THE PATTERN” button.
3) On the desinger’s page – scroll down until you find the DOWNLOAD button.

4) Click on the DOWNLOAD button, and make sure you are logged into your Ravelry account.
5) Click “Buy it now” and apply the the relevant coupon code from the blog hop post.
** The coupon code is not applicable to ETSY, becuse it does not allow free downloads.

2. Why can’t I enter the coupon code to Ravelry?
Please make sure you are signed in into your Ravelry account.

3. Why the coupon code is not working?
First, make sure you are signed in into your Ravelry account.
The second reason can be that the coupon code has expired. Each coupon code is available for 24 hours for the relevant date between 08:00 am EST to 08:00 am EST the next day. For example, for Oct. 1st, the coupon code will be valid between 10/01 08:00 am EST – 10/02 08:00 am EST.

4. I entered the coupon code and still was charged for the pattern
It is possible the coupon code has expired, please make sure you are using a valid code for the relevant date.
Please make sure you see 0.00$ on your cart before purchasing!
Still, mistake can happen, if you did enter the relevant valid coupon code for the day, and still got charge, please contact the designer of the pattern and let them know.

5. Where can I find my PDF pattern?
After you checked out successfully on Ravelry, your pattern will be stored in your Ravelry library.
Click on “my notebook” –> “Library”. From there you can download your pattern, it will be stored either on your “Files” or “Downloads” folder on your device.