31 Stash Buster Crochet Patterns – The Scrap Busting Blog Hop

With the begining of a new year, when Christmas is behind you, you’re done crocheting gifts for all your loved onces. And now you are left with so many yarn scraps, all these little balls of yarn laying around your stash and you don’t know what to do with them?
Look no further, Raffaella from Raffamusa Desings and I have come up with the perfect solution, the Stash Busting Crochet Blog Hop! We’ve gathered together 30 stash buster crochet patterns, from our favorite designers. These patterns are perfect scrap yarn crochet projects, so all you have to do is go and shop your yarn stash! Test1

stash busting crochet blog hop

How does the Scrap Busting Blog Hop Work?

The blog hop will be held through Jan 3rd – Feb 2nd.
This blog hop is co-hosted with Raffaella from Raffamusa Desings, that means that the first half of the event will be hosted at Raffaela’s blog and the second half here. So make sure to visit the relevant post according to these dates:

Jan 3rd – Jan 17th: Raffaella from Raffamusa Designs
Jan 18th – Feb 2nd: Agat from Made by Gootie

Each day throughout the blog hop event a different pattern from a different designer will be available as a free PDF for 24 hours from 08:00 am EST.
All you have to do is:
1) Visit the link for the featured design.
2) Click the DOWNLOAD button.
3) Make sure you are sign into Ravelry and click “Buy It Now”.
4) Use the relevant coupon code in the cart.  

how does a blog hop works

Make sure to look for the DOWNLOAD button at the featured designer’s post, and then apply today’s coupon code to download your PDF pattern for free.


How to join the Scrap Busting Blog Hop?

There are several ways you can follow out this event

1. Bookmark this page and check it out daily.
2. Join my Crochet Community on Facebook, and make sure to turn on the notifications for daily reminders of each free pattern. 
3. Join my email list and get a daily reminder sent into your inbox! Just fill out your info below.

Scrap Busting Crochet Patterns Bundle


The Stash Busting eBook contains all 31 crochet patterns featuring in the blog hop, PLUS 2 bonus quick patterns for 90% off their original price!

So if you don’t want to go through all the clicking and code hunting each day, or prefer to start working on your projects now instead of waiting the whole month, you can get all your patterns organized together in the Stash Busting eBook!

And remember, this bundle will be available only throughout the blog hop!

Which Crochet Designers Are Participating in the Scrap Busting Blog Hop?

Curious to know which designers are taking part in this faboulos event?
Here you can see all the talented crochet designers participating in this blog hop.
Scroll down to see each designer’s featuring pattern!

blog hop designers

Ready to Use-Up All Your Scraps? Let's Hop!

Jan 3rd - Jan 17th - Part 1 of the blog hop

Day 1 - Jan 3rd

crochet hot pad

Tree Branch Hot Pad - Made by Gootie

This lovely textured crochet hot pad is both very practical and beautiful.
The pattern is fun and worked up quickly.
You are going to love the Tree Branch stitch with its unique texture!

Day 2 - Jan 4th

granny square blanket

Scrappy Granny Stripes Blanket - Cosy Rosie UK

Use up all your odds and ends of yarn to create this blanket any size! Whether you use one strand, 2 strands or more! You can use this pattern to bust your stash and create a unique blanket with this easy to follow pattern.

Day 3 - Jan 5th

scrappy scarf pattern

Scrappy Scarf - Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Collect all of those part skeins from previous projects and make this simple and practical but pretty scrappy scarf! This pattern is written so that you can change colours at the end of a row, or you can just go with the flow and keep going in true scrappy style. Make it a scarf or an infinity scarf, or even a cowl depending on how much yarn you have left over.

Day 4 - Jan 6th

crochet ear warmer remington lane

St. Peregrine Ear Warmer - Remington Lane Crochet

Make room for more yarn in your stash by using your existing scraps to make these cozy, textured ear warmers. You can whip them up in less than a day, and you’ll love how you can assemble them in a variety of ways to fit your style. The pattern includes 6 sizes from infant to adult, making this a go-to project for quick gifts.

Day 5 - Jan 7th

Tea Spa Mug Rug - My Crochet Space

This Crochet Mug Rug is a super easy and quick make. It uses very little yarn and you can use up your leftover yarn from previous projects.

Day 6 - Jan 8th

crochet project bag pattern

Wedge Project Bag - Blue Star Crochet

This stylish crochet project bag is slightly unusual but very easy to make! Change the basic pouch shape to a wedge by sewing the end in opposite direction. The addition of a simple handle finishes off this modern project bag perfectly!

Day 7 - Jan 9th

flower coaster

Rounds of Flowers Coasters - Raffamusa Designs

Add some happy colors to your kitchen decor with the Rounds of Flowers Coasters! With just a few scraps of yarn, you can make your tea and coffee breaks even more enjoyable.

Day 8 - Jan 10th

Mosaic Zig Zag Bag - Loops and Love Crochet

The Mosaic Zig Zag Bag is a fun and practical little pouch to store items, such as pencils, crochet hooks, make up, or just about anything! The mosaic crochet technique gives this bag such an interesting look and texture, plus there are endless color possibilities.

Day 9 - Jan 11th

granny square blanket

Gratitude Granny Square Blanket - Morine's Shop

Crochet your very own Gratitude Granny Square Blanket using this free pattern that gives a warm and cozy look to the classic granny blanket.

Day 10 - Jan 12th

crochet scarf

Seed Head Scarf - Jo's Crafty Hook

Create a beautiful textured Head Scarf using the very basic crochet stitches.

Day 11 - Jan 13th

TTLYC - Espresso-ly Quick Cup Cozy

Espresso-ly Quick Cup Cozy - Through The Loop Yarn Craft

The Espresso-ly Quick Cup Cozy is a cute and quick make perfect for gifts and market stock while using your leftover yarn.

Day 12 - Jan 14th

Axolotl Brooch - Anvi's Granny Handicrafts

This no-sew and cute axolotl brooch is one of the quickest projects that would be a perfect gift for axolotl lovers. You also can use bulk yarn to create the keychain or bag charm from the easy pattern.

Day 13 - Jan 15th

Boho Seascape Wall Hanging - Valzies Boutique

This Easy Crochet Pattern inspired by the seascape is a modified crochet granny square that is quick and easy to make. Created with a combination of some beautiful pastel colors that are sure to brighten up the room.

Day 14 - Jan 16th

crochet pillow pattern

The Mabel Pillow - This Pixie Creates

The Mabel Pillow is a removable pillow case that is designed to help you use up scrap yarn, and add some coziness and colour to your space. If you love the moss stitch, and don’t mind weaving in ends, this is the perfect project for you.

Day 15 - Jan 17th

daisy puff beanie crochet pattern

Daisy Puff Beanie - Natali's Crochet Designs

This adorable stripy beanie is made with a cute puffy brim. 
The beanie is crocheted with a worsted weight yarn.

Jan 18th - Feb 2nd - Part 2 of the blog hop

Day 16 - Jan 18th


Scrappy Dots Potholder - Raffamusa Designs

Use up all the little scraps of yarn and make a fun Scrappy Dots Potholder. This project is perfect to mix and match all your leftover cotton into your own unique confetti color scheme. And the result is a super colorful potholder, which is fun to make and use in the kitchen!

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Day 17 - Jan 19th

Lila Coaster - Crafting Each Day

The Lila Coaster is a quick scrap yarn project perfect for leftover yarn. Use some leftover worsted weight yarn to make a set of cute coasters for a fun gift or to brighten your table.


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Day 18 - Jan 20th

Crochet Roses

Long Stem Rose Bouquet - The Loophole Fox

These lovely roses will bring beauty to any living space and work up quickly. Perfect for using small amounts of left over yarn, you can create as many or as few roses as you’d like and in any colors.

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Day 19 - Jan 21st

crochet basket pattern

Face Scrubbie Basket - Crochets By Trista

Hold your Incredible Face Scrubbies in a basket made just for them using your leftover cotton yarn.

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Day 20 - Jan 22nd

Colours Chunky Scarf - Stardust Gold crochet

The Colours scarf is a chunky scarf that is a one-row repeat – it works up very fast for those of us who love a quick project!
A bit of a stash buster if you have some yarn laying around you want to use up!

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The pattern is downloaded through the designer’s website, not through Ravelry

Day 21 - Jan 23rd

crochet wall decoration

Cinnamon Wall Hanging - Regina P Designs

Perfect one skein project for random skeins of yarn. Make something beautiful for yourself because you deserve it.

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Day 22 - Jan 24th

crochet ear warmer

Arewa ear warmer - Fosbas Designs

Arewa means “Beautiful” This design is one that can be made using up a random skein while perfecting the act of crocheting around an elastic hair band.

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Day 23 - Jan 25th

Infinity Headband - Three Fates Creations

This Infinity Headband works up quickly and uses a different construction than most wrapped headbands. it uses very little yarn, so it is a great way to get rid of any partial skeins you have in your stash.

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Day 24 - Jan 26th

Taryn Beanie - One Little Hook

A simple and fun knit-look crochet beanie using DK yarn and the Tristan Stitch!

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Day 25 - Jan 27th

Ally Slouchy Hat - Pam's Cozy Corner

A cozy and comfortable hat that keeps you warm during those chilly days.


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Day 26 - Jan 28th

crochet nesting basket

Alda Nesting Baskets - ChristaCo Design

These little crochet baskets are quick, cute and full of texture. This stash busting pattern will eat up those scraps and bits of yarn in no time!

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Day 27 - Jan 29th

Sweet Lily Cup Cozy - Frankie Kate

This cute and stylish hot/cold cup cozy pattern is very unique. It`s super fun and super quick to make, perfect for craft markets and fairs! it uses 2 strands of light worsted weight yarn in 2 colors, so you can express your creativity and use up your scrap yarn!

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Day 28 - Jan 30th

forest trail headband

Forest Trail Headband - Ned & Mimi

This cosy crochet headband pattern is just perfect for those in-between days when you’re not sure if you’ll need a hat or not. I love the texture in this headband that comes from the front post double crochet stitches.

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Day 29 - Jan 31st

crochet square face scrubbies

Crunch Stitch Face Scrubbies - Made by Gootie

These square face scrubbies pattern are made using the Crunch Stitch.
This stitch has such a nice texture and what better way of learning a new stitch, than use it as part of a project?

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Day 30 - Feb 1st

Loopy Marian Bay Mitt - Me n My Hook

Love a soapy scrub? The Loopy Marian Bay Wash Mitt is a beginner exfoliating wash mitt pattern made with 80g of dk weight yarn. Add something a little different to your next spa gift make or treat yourself with this double sided full of texture wash mitt.

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Day 31 - Feb 2nd

crochet jar cozy

Granny Jar Cozy - Blessed and a Mess

Got 60 yards of yarn and a ton of mason jars? Here is a pattern for you! This Granny Jar Cozy is perfect for beginners and works up perfectly to fit 16 oz mason jars!

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