How to Crochet the Alternating Spike Stitch

Last Updated on December 1, 2022

I love creating textured fabric with simple crochet stitches.
What I love about the Alternating Spike stitch, is that it has a bit of a knitted look, a little like the Moss stitch, but the use of the spike single crochet creates beautiful and sturdy textured fabric.
This stitch can be used in so many applications, it’s perfect for potholders or hot pads, it will also be nice as a dishcloth and of course for bags!

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I stumbled upon the alternating spike stitch when I created the Pearls of the Sea Clutch. For this bag, I used the CotLin DK yarn with the kind yarn support of WeCrochet. It was the first time I worked with the CotLin yarn, and I just loved it! The cotton makes it nice and soft, and the linen gives creates a more sturdy fabric which is perfect for making accessories!
** If you want to learn how to make the beautiful puff edging of this bag, you can find the tutorial HERE.

I also love the feel and drape of this yarn and as the nature of this yarn, it creates a bit thinner fabric.
While working on the pattern, I was looking to create a thicker and sturdy fabric for the clutch pattern and that’s how I got to use the Alternating Spike Stitch.

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In this post, you’ll learn how to crochet the Alternating Spike stitch, for this tutorial we will make a hot pad using this stitch. 
Scroll down for the step-by-step photo tutorial!


โ€“ 4 mm / G-6 Crochet hook (I love the Furls and Clover Hooks)
โ€“ For this tutorial, I used CotLin DK yarn by KnitPicks, you can get it HERE

Finished size
7.5×7.5” (19x19cm)

Abbreviations (US)
ch – chain
st – stitch
ss – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
SPscspike single crochet: work sc into 2 rows below (instead of 1 row below as in regular sc)
PM – place marker

Looking for More Crochet Inspiration? Check out these other free patterns on the blog:

Alternating Spike Stitch Hot pad Crochet Pattern

** You can change the size by keeping an even number of chains.

Ch 34
Row 1: 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in next ch to end, turn. (you will have an uneven number of sc)

Row 2: ch1- PM (counts as 1sc), skip 1st sc. * 1sc in next sc, 1SPsc in next ch from foundation row; repeat from * to end, turn

Row 3: ch1- PM (counts as 1sc), skip 1st SPsc. * 1SPsc in next sc, 1sc in next SPsc; repeat from * to end (last 1sc will be in ch-1 from prev. row), turn.

Row 4: ch1- PM (counts as 1sc), skip 1st sc. * 1sc in next SPsc, 1SPsc in next sc; repeat from * to end (last 1SPsc will be in ch-1 from prev. row), turn.

Keep working rows 3-4 until your work measures 7.5” (19cm), or until desired length.

Did you try this out? Let me know how it went and leave a comment below or tag me @madebygootie !

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