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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Have you been looking for a different crochet square pattern? If you are looking to learn a new way to crochet a square, you are in the right place!
The crochet mitered square is easy and fun to make, it’s a bit different than your ‘traditional’ square pattern.
This square can be used to make coasters, blankets and even hot pads and dishcloths.
Scroll down for the detailed photo tutorial!

how to crochet a mitered square

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So, What is a Mitered Square You Ask?

A crochet mitered square is a crochet square worked diagonally from one corner of the square to the other (while increasing in the center corner), but without having to decrease like in corner to corner method. 
There are 2 ways to start a mitered square, one is to form a “corner” and crochet back and forth on its two sides to increase the corner into a square. This method is more suitable for shawls, like the In Bloom Ruana.

The second way (and my favorite) is to start with a beginning square and crochet back and forth on 2 sides of the square. I think this method forms a better looking square.

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Is Crochet Mitered Square a Beginner Friendly Square Pattern?

The mitered square is an easy square pattern. This square is using only double crochet and a treble, and has no decreasing which makes it a perfect project for beginners!

mitered square pattern

How Do You Crochet a Mitered Blanket?

You can make a mitered blanket using the mitered square in 2 ways.
The first and easiest (and maybe the quicker one) is just making one big square, using the mitered method. You continue crocheting the square as big as you’d like, and it’s recommended to add a border for a nicer edge. I used this method in my Mitered Tulips Blanket
and Mitered Butterflies Blanket.

The second method is to make several squares and join them together. This way you can choose to make a rectangle blanket (rather than a square blanket in the first method). So you actually make this kind of a unique looking granny square blanket.

You can find the ad-free, printable PDF pattern with a full photo-tutorial at one of my shops below: 

What Stitches Can you Use in a Mitered Square?

In this tutorial we will use double crochet, and will form the corner using treble crochet.
But a mitered square can also be made using hdc and sc stitches.
You can also incorporate other stitches to get a more interesting texture, as I did in the Mitered Tulips Blanket.

Mitered Square Crochet Video Tutorial

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How to Crochet a Mitered Square

Materials I used for this tutorial
– 4.5 mm Tulip Etimo Crochet hook.
– For this pattern I used an Israeli brand Worsted (#4) yarn made with 100% cotton, you can use any Worsted weight yarn, or any yarn suitable for your hook size.
Total amount of yarn needed for 1 square: 25gr/42m/46yds
– 1 Stitch marker.

Skill Level – easy

Gauge (not crucial for this pattern):

Work until row 2, the length in the center of the square should be 1.75in / 4.5cm.

Abbreviations (US)
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
ss – slip stitch
 – double crochet
tr – treble crochet
PM – place marker

Finished Size6×6 in (15×15 cm)


  • The square is reversible, it looks the same from both sides.
  • You can make the square as big as you’d like.
  • Ch3 at the beginning of the row counts as 1dc.
  • The square is worked from one corner to the other corner (similar to the C2C method, but without the decreasing).
  • Place a marker in the corner stitch (tr) and move the marker along the rows to make it easier to find the corner.
  • This square needs blocking to obtain its final shape, don’t skip this step.

Crochet Mitered Square Instructions

Making the Square

Make a magic ring

Row 1:
ch4 (counts as 1tr), working into the ring: 3dc, (1tr, 3dc) x3 times, ss to top of ch-4. Pull the ring tight, turn.  (12dc, 1tr)

Row 2:
ch3 (counts as 1dc here and throughout), 1dc in next 3 dc, [2dc, 1tr-PM, 2dc] in next tr, 1dc in next 3 dc, 1dc in next tr, turn. (12dc, 1tr)

Row 3:
ch3, 1dc in each dc until marker, [2dc, 1tr-PM, 2dc] in next tr, 1dc in each dc to the end of the row, turn.

Repeat row 3 eight more times, or until desired square size. Continue to work the border.

crochet mitered square


Start working the border, turn the square in 90 degrees. 

1st side:
ch1 and start working 2sc in each side of a dc (including beg. ch-3), when reaching the beginning square work 1sc in next tr and next 3 dc.

Work corner: (1sc, ch1, 1sc) in next tr.

2nd side:
1sc in next 3 dc and in next tr.
Work 2sc in each side of a dc (including beg. ch-3)
Working the corner: (1sc, ch1, 1sc) in blo of top of ch-3.

3rd side:
1sc in each dc until marker.

Working the corner: (1sc, ch1, 1sc) in next tr.

4th side:
1sc in each dc until last dc (the one you worked in the 1st side), 1sc in next dc, ss to 1st sc.

Weave in the ends, soak and block the square.

crochet dc mitered square

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