How to Crochet the Mini Bean Stitch

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

Learn how to crochet Mini Bean Stitch with an easy photo-tutorial!
Have you tried to crochet the Mini Bean stitch? If not, I promise you are going to love it!

This stitch is also known as the “Elizabeth stitch”. The stitch is full of texture, it looks like a smaller version of the puff stitch but is much more elegant and still forms a really nice and warm fabric! And what is also so nice about the stitch, is that it forms a reversible fabric, because it looks really nice on the wrong side.

The mini bean stitch is very easy to make and repetitive, it just gets you into a nice relaxing rhythm of crocheting.

mini bean stitch

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What is the Mini Bean Stitch?

The Mini Bean crochet stitch is a one row repeat stitch. It alternates between one chain and one mini bean which is kind of a small rounded puff stitch.

A lot of stitch tutorials for the Mini Bean are referring to this stitch as a combination of the mini bean puff and the ch1 that comes after it as the top of the mini bean stitch. Therefore, they instruct you to place the mini bean stitch into the “side” of the mini bean, which is actually the top of the mini bean puff stitch.

I find it a little confusing, that’s why my tutorial is a little different where the mini bean is the puff itself, and the ch1 space is a separate stitch. I think it makes much more sense and it’s easier to understand it that way (scroll down for the full stitch tutorial).

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What is the difference between the Bean stitch and the Mini Bean Stitch?

The bean stitch is a “bigger stitch” it has an extra yarn over step which makes it puffier than the mini bean. Where in the mini bean you form the little puff with 4 loops on the hooks, with the bean stitch the puff is formed with 6 loops on the hook.

Did you know that you can also work the Mini Bean Stitch from corner to corner? Check out my C2C Mini Bean Stitch tutorial!

What Can You Make with the Crochet Mini Bean Stitch?

The mini bean stitch has so many uses! It will make a beautifully textured blanket, and can also be used to create a trivet, because it forms a thick fabric.

This crochet stitch is also great for scarves, I used a slight variation of the mini bean stitch worked in the round in my Cobblestone Path Cowl. The unique texture of this stitch forms an eye catching and elegant fabric, making a stunning cowl that will keep you warm and suit any outfit!

You can find the Coblblestone Path Cowl ad-free PDF pattern with the full photo-tutorial at one of my shops below: 

What Kind of Yarn Should You Use for Mini Bean Stitch?

It really depends on the type of project you are making. For the best stitch definition, if you want the texture to really show, I think cotton yarn is the best option.

In this tutorial, I used Knit Picks – CotLin. But If you make a blanket or a scarf, any other kind of yarn would be suitable.

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How to Crochet the Mini Bean Stitch


Materials I used for this tutorial
– 4.5 mm Tulip Etimo Crochet hook.
– For this tutorial, I used Knit Picks – CotLin yarn by WeCrochet – DK (#3) weight yarn. You can find this yarn HERE.

Abbreviations (US)
ch – chain
mb Mini Bean stitch: insert hook into indicated st, yo and pull up a loop. yo and insert hook into same st, yo and pull up a loop. yo and pull through all 4 loops on hook.

Crochet Mini Bean Stitch Instructions

bean stitch pattern

Chain an odd number of chains.

Row 1: mb in 3rd chain from hook, * ch1, skip next ch, mb in next ch; repeat from * across to the end of the row, turn.

Row 2:
mb in the 1st mb stitch, ch1, skip next ch-1 space, mb in next mb; repeat from * across to the end of the row, turn.

Repeat row 2 until desired length.

mini bean stitch

Did you try this out? Let me know how it went and leave a comment below or tag me @madebygootie !

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