How to Crochet the Lace Flower Stitch

crochet flower lace stitch free tutorial

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Do you like crochet lacy stitches? If you do, you’re going to love this lace flower crochet stitch!
This crochet flower stitch is so delicate, and not as complicated as you would think.
The flower’s petals are made with the puff stitch, while the rest of the pattern consists of chains, single crochet, and double crochet.

What can you make with the Lace Flower Crochet stitch?

This lacy crochet pattern will make a gorgeous scarf, can also be made as a very impressive table runner, or as a decorative addition to a garment.
For this tutorial, I made a beautiful bookmark with this crochet stitch, which will make a wonderful gift for all book lovers!
scroll down for the pattern.

I also incorporated this stitch into my Flowers for Simone Shawl.
This shawl is worked from side to side, into a triangle shape. The flower lace pattern is worked in rows, increasing each row on one side of the shawl and decreasing on the other side creating “steps”.
You can make the shawl as big as you’d like by repeating the main pattern.

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What type of yarn should you use for the Flower Lace Crochet stitch?

I recommend using a thinner (Fingering, Sprot, DK weights) cotton yarn, preferable 100% cotton, or a fiber with a higher precentage of cotton. This will create the best stitch definition and will emphasize the flowers in this pattern.
You can find wonderful yarn options HERE.

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In this post, you’ll learn how to crochet the Diadem Bookmark.


– 3 mm / D Crochet hook (I love the Furls and Clover Hooks)
– For this tutorial, I used 100% cotton Sport weight yarn, you can find great yarn options HERE

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Abbreviations (US)
ch – chain
RS – right side

WS – wrong side
ch – chain
st – stitch
ss – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
BLO – back loop only
yo – yarn over
Puff stitch – (yo, insert hook into next st, yo and pull up a loop) x 3 times working into same st, yo and pull through all 7 loops on hook.

Finished size – 6.9×1.8 in (17.5×4.5 cm) without tassles.

– The pattern is a multiple of 8+2, you can change the size of your piece as you’d like.
– If your pattern curls after row 2, use a bigger hook for the starting chain and sc row.

Pattern – Lace Flowers Bookmark


Row 1 (WR): 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch to end of the row, turn.
Row 2 (RS): ch1, 1sc in 1st st. * ch1, skip 3 sts, [1puff, ch2, 1puff, ch2, 1puff] in next st, ch1, skip 3 sts, 1sc in next st; Repeat from * to end of the row, turn.

Row 3 (WR): ch3, 1dc in 1st sc.
* ch2, skip 1st puff & ch-2, 1sc in 2nd puff, ch2, skip ch-2 & 3rd puff, 3dc in next sc; Repeat to sc before the last Flower.
ch2, skip 1st puff & ch-2, 1sc in 2nd puff, ch2, skip ch-2 & 3rd puff, 2dc in last sc, turn.

Row 4 (RS): ch3, 1hdc in 1st dc, ch2, 1puff in same 1st dc, ch1, skip ch-2, 1sc in next sc. * ch1, skip ch-2 & 1st dc, [1puff, ch2, 1puff, ch2, 1puff] in 2nd dc, ch1, skip 3rd dc & ch-2, 1sc in next sc; Repeat from * to last sc.
ch1, skip ch-2 & dc, [1puff, ch2, 1dc] in top of ch-3, turn.

Row 5 (WR): ch1, 1sc in 1st dc. * ch2, skip puff & ch-2, 3dc in next sc, ch2, skip 1st puff & ch-2, 1sc in 2nd puff; Repeat to end of the row.
**Last sc will be in hdc of previous row.

Row 6 (RS): ch1, 1sc in 1st sc. * ch1, skip ch-2 & 1st dc, [1puff, ch2, 1puff, ch2, 1puff] in 2nd dc, ch1, skip 3rd dc & ch-2, 1sc in next sc; Repeat from * to end of the row.

crochet bookmark tutorial

Work border around:
ch1, work ss around along the right, bottom and left sides of the bookmark, work [ss, ch1, ss] in the corners.
Work BLO ss at the top (above the flowers).
Bind off, and block your piece.

Make tassels:
Cut 15 pieces (5 for each tassel) measuring approx. 8.5 in (22cm).

Fold the 5 pieces strands of yarn in half, using your hook pull the center of the yarn through the right side of the bookmark (at both sides and center of the bookmark as shown in the photo). Remove the hook and pull the ends of the yarn through the small loop, tighten the yarn.

free crochet bookmark

Did you try this out? Let me know how it went and leave a comment below or tag me @madebygootie !

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