10 Free Crochet Potholder Patterns

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

Crochet Potholders are a quick and fun project, they are perfect for gifting (nothing like a useful gift!) and also great makes for craft fares.

In this round up post, I gathered 10 free crochet potholder patterns that will suit both beginners and experienced crocheters!

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crochet pot holders free patterns

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Free Crochet Potholder Patterns

Hotpads are such a fun item to make, I like to create something that I can also use on a daily basis.

Whenever I’m invited to a housewarming and want to bring some nice handmade gift, potholders are my go-to item to make!

This round-up post brings you beautiful and free crochet potholders patterns, you will find here free crochet potholder patterns for beginners, modern and vintage crochet trivets, and quick 30 minutes potholders patterns.

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Can You Use Mercerized Cotton For Potholders?

Yes! 100% cotton yarn is the best yarn to use for a crochet potholder. You can use either soft cotton yarn, or mercerized cotton, both are resistant to high temperature and you can easily toss them into the washing machine.

I do like the look of the mercerized cotton yarn better, it is a bit more sturdy than regular cotton, and got this nice shine to it.

Can Acrylic Yarn Be Used for Potholders?

Using acrylic yarn for crochet potholders and trivets, and in general, any item that being used with high temperature is not advisable.

The acrylic and synthetic yarns are not resistant to high temperatures and can melt when being exposed to high temperatures for too long.

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10 Free Crochet Potholder Patterns

Tree Branch Potholder

tree branch stitch crochet pattern

The Tree Branch Potholder has a lovely and unique texture, it works up quickly 30 minutes and you have a crochet potholder! 

Yarn used: Worsted (#4) 100% cotton

Visit the free pattern HERE.

Extra Thick Crochet Potholder

double thick crochet potholder pattern
Photo credit: My Crochet Space

This potholder is using the hdc Thermal stitch, creating a double thick crochet potholder. A great project to learn this new stitch!

Yarn used: Worsted (#4) 100% cotton

Pattern by My Crochet Space, visit the free pattern HERE.

Winter Opulence Round Crochet Hotpad Trivet

old fashioned crochet potholder
Photo credit: Kirsten Holloway Designs

Stunning old-fashioned crochet potholder. This lovely textured trivet with its rounded shape has a vintage vibe to it.

Yarn used: Lily Sugar n’ Cream in Ecru

Pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs, visit the free pattern HERE.

Cast Iron Pot Holder

easy crochet potholder
Photo credit: Green Fox Farms Designs

This easy crochet potholder pattern will be perfect for beginners. Using the puff stitch for a thick texture, this potholder works up quickly.

Yarn used: Worsted (#4) 100% cotton

Pattern by Green Fox Farms Designs, visit the free pattern HERE.

Bobble Heart Potholder

bobble-heart-potholder crochet pattern
Photo credit: You Should Craft

This crochet heart potholder has a boho vibe to it, thanks to the cute bobbles! Use contrasting colors to make the center heart pop.

Yarn used: Lily Sugar n’ Cream

Pattern by You Should Craft, visit the free pattern HERE.

Tulips Potholder

Photo credit: Raffamusa Designs

Beautiful and modern crochet potholder pattern, using the tapestry crochet method to create this lovely tulip design.

Yarn used: Worsted (#4) 100% cotton

Pattern by Raffamusa Designs, visit the free pattern HERE.

Vintage-Inspired Granny Square Potholder

vintage crochet pot holder
Photo credit: Yarn Andy

This vintage crochet potholder has such a unique look and texture. Combine your favorite colors to emphasize the center flower motif.

Yarn used: DK (#4) 100% cotton

Pattern by Yarn Andy, visit the free pattern HERE.

Crochet Round Fan Potholder 

round crochet potholder
Photo credit: Crochet n Create

Beautiful round crochet potholder pattern. This lovely double-layer potholder also has a vintage feel to it.

Yarn used: King Cole Cottonsoft DK

Pattern by Crochet n Create, visit the free pattern HERE.

Practically Perfect Potholder

easy crochet pot holder pattern
Photo credit: Carroway Crochet

This easy crochet potholder is made using one easy stitch to create a nice thick texture.

Yarn used: Worsted (#4) 100% cotton

Pattern by Carroway Crochet, visit the free pattern HERE.

Sunflower Potholder

Photo credit: Nana’s Crafty Home

I love this sunflower potholder pattern, it has that rustic farmhouse vibe to it! This crochet pot holder is easier than it looks.

Yarn used: Worsted (#4) 100% cotton

Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home, visit the free pattern HERE.

free crochet hot pads patterns

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