How To Whip Stitch Crochet Pieces Together

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

The Whip Stitch crochet method is a super easy way to join crochet pieces together by sewing. Whether you want to join crochet squares, or other crochet pieces, you can use this simple joining method.

Contrary to the Invisible Seam method, in the whip stitch crochet join the joining is visible. You can choose to use a different yarn color than the crochet pieces you are joining, or use the same color if you want the joining stitch to be less noticeable.

Scroll down to find the detailed photo tutorial and video tutorial.

putting granny squares together

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How To Do The Whip Stitch in Crochet?

Unlike the slip stitch through back loops method, which uses only a crochet hook, the Whip Stitch is made by threading a needle through both loops of corresponding stitches. You can thread the needle in different ways through the loops:

  • Through both loops of the stitch – I prefer this method, as it creates a sturdier join.
  • Through the front loops
  • Through the back loops
whip stitch crochet made by gootie

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How To Whip Stitch Crochet Pieces Together

how to whip stitch in crochet


  • This crochet joining method can be used with any crochet project that requires joining crochet parts together, not just granny squares.
  • Cut your yarn to be about twice the length of the pieces you are sewing together.
  • Use a blunt darning needle, to avoid the needle from pulling out your yarn.

Whip Stitch Crochet Join Video Tutorial

Whip Stitch Photo Tutorial

In this Whip Stitch tutorial, we are working into both loops of the crochet stitches.

Step 1
Align your squares with the right side up and identify the first stitch of your corner. Then hold the squares with the wrong side facing inside and the right side facing out.

Start by threading the needle into both loops of the stitch of the first square, and then into the corresponding stitch of the second square. Then pull the yarn through.

Step 2

Now thread the needle into the next stitch of the first square and into the corresponding stitch of the second square. Pull the yarn through and tighten the stitch as you go (it will be harder to tighten all the stitches later).

Repeat step 2

joining granny squares together

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