18 Free Crochet Flower Granny Square Patterns

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

l love granny squares. They have a classic look, they are fun and easy to make, and they have so many uses!

And why not combine the granny square with a flower motif? Because I just love floral crochet patterns, I’ve decided to bring you these beautiful and free crochet flower granny square patterns, from my favorite designers around the web.

In this pattern round up, you will find different types of flowers made into crochet squares. We have some daisy granny squares, quite a lot of sunflower grannies, a beautiful sunburst granny square and a few more ‘regular’ flowers.

crochet flower granny square patterns

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As you will see in the patterns below, there are several ways to crochet a granny square with a flower in the middle.

Some of the patterns are worked to create a flat crochet flower and then are worked to square the pattern. While other patterns are a bit more advanced, and designed to create a three-dimensional flower, that pops out of the square. 

What Can You Make With a Flower Granny Square?

The most obvious answer is a blanket of course. 
Besides blankets, you can use these beautiful flower granny squares in so many projects, such as:

  • Coasters
  • Trivets – attach 4 small squares together, or crochet one big square
  • Table runner
  • Cardigan – You can make one big square and sew it into a cocoon, like I did with my Iris Cocoon Shrug. Or use the squares as a motif, or make a cardi constructed only from squares!
  • Bag – how chic is a flower granny bag?
  • Cushion cover for pillows
  • Flower granny square crochet top

flower granny square patterns free

18 Free Crochet Flower Granny Square Patterns

More Tips about Crocheting a Flower Granny Square

How to Crochet a Flower Granny Square Blanket?

First thing first, choose the flower granny square you want to use for your blanket.

I like to use the same motif, like you can see in the blanket I made below. After you chose the square you’d like, make as many squares as needed to create a blanket in the size you want (maybe use different colors for each square).
Another fun option is to mix and match different squares to create an eye-catching blanket.

How to Join Granny Squares to Make a Blanket?

There are several ways to attach granny squares.
If you don’t want to deal with too many crochet squares lying around, you can join as you go. 

modern granny square afghan

What Kind of Yarn Should You Use for Flower Granny Squares?

This depends on the type of project you want to make from those squares.
If you are going to make a blanket, then any type of soft cotton, acrylic or wool mix would be great.

But if you’re planning to make an item like coasters, trivets or a bag, then 100% cotton yarn is the most suitable for this kind of project, because it is easier to wash and safer when used as coasters or pot holders.

Is a Crochet Flower Granny Square Beginner Friendly Pattern?

It really depends on the pattern itself. You can find a lot of beginner to easy and free crochet flower granny squares patterns, and as you can see from the patterns above, there are also quite a lot of intermediate patterns, with more complicated techniques.

But it is always recommended to check the designer’s description of the pattern, some of these flower motives patterns (even the 3d flower granny square) can be much easier than they look!

Looking for More Flower Inspired Crochet Patterns? Check out these other free patterns on the blog:


flower granny square free pattern

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